Nine companies in four sectors

The nine companies under the umbrella of AGRO Holding focus on four sectors and are currently spread into five countries: Germany (AGRO headquarters), Poland, Spain, the United States and Colombia. AGRO International, Herkules and A&S Innersprings USA all focus on the innerspring sector having different priorities within their product portfolio.This also applies to the two companies founded in 2020 – AGRO-Bekaert Colombia and Subiñas Springs. AGRO Steel Wire and Herkules produce sustainable steel wire for both the Group’s own innerspring production and external customers. AGRO Tooling Systems operates successfully in the production of machinery replacement parts and mechanical engineering. Finally, in 2022, the production of high quality spunbond nonwoven was added to the overall AGRO portfolio.

AGRO International

Location: Bad Essen / Germany

With about 450 employees AGRO International is the largest company in the AGRO Group and manufactures the core product of the group – innersprings of the highest quality. AGRO International is a strong international player: 85% of its output is sold abroad – primarily to other European markets, but increasingly developing into other overseas markets.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • A very wide range of highest quality innersprings for the mattress and upholstery producing industry around the world
  • Three types of products:   Pocket innersprings, Bonnell innersprings and LFK innersprings


Location: Szamotuły / Poland

Herkules is AGRO’s specialised facility for the upholstery industry. Backed by a strong focus on customer service combined with a range of the highest quality Zig-Zag springs, plus Bonnell and pocket innersprings, Herkules is a proven and trusted supplier for major European multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • Best quality Zig-Zag springs for the upholstery industry
  • Bonnell and pocket innersprings for use in upholstered furniture as well as mattresses

A&S Innersprings USA

Location: Windsor, Connecticut / USA

In 2017 by founding A&S Innersprings USA, AGRO opened its first production site on American soil. This company is a joint venture between two family-owned company groups – AGRO and Subinas – combining their joint skills and experience as well as maintaining a personal touch. A&S Innersprings USA operates  exclusively in the North American market.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • Best quality innersprings for the North American mattress and upholstery industry
  • A continually developing range of Bonnell and pocket innersprings

AGRO-Bekaert Colombia

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia

In 2020, AGRO and Bekaert, the global market and technology leader in steel wire forming and coating technology, laid the foundation for a brand new innerspring production facility in Colombia.

AGRO-Bekaert joint venture develops, produces and markets high-quality product solutions for mattress and upholstery manufacturers in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • High quality innersprings for the mattress and upholstery industry
  • Growing portfolio of Bonnell and pocket spring cores

Subiñas Springs

Location: Munguia and Martos, Spain

In 2020, AGRO and the Spanish Subiñas Group started a joint venture for the Iberian Peninsula – the next joint project after A&S Innersprings USA.

The newly founded company Subiñas Springs took over the production of innersprings for mattresses and upholstered furniture at the existing Spanish locations in Munguia (Bilbao) and Martos (Jaén). Local production capacities will be expanded in the short term and are expected to grow further in the medium term.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • High quality innersprings for the mattress and upholstery industry
  • A wide range of Bonnell and pocket innersprings

AGRO Steel Wire

Location: Bad Essen / Germany

Since its formation in 2004, our wire plant, AGRO Steel Wire, has successfully evolved from its origins as a strong partner and reliable supplier for its own co-subsidiary, to become a competitive force and supplier of wire internationally. At AGRO Steel Wire, the wire rod originates exclusively from European steel mills. The first stage processing is a mechanical – not chemical – cleaning process. called descaling prior to the wire rod being drawn in several steps to the required final diameter.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • High quality wires for different application areas such as innersprings and Zig-Zag-springs, technical applications as well as bending and screen solutions
  • Wires with different finishings, e.g. copper-plated to meet the specific needs of a wide range of different applications

Herkules Wire

Location: Szamotuły / Poland

In 2016 AGRO founded another state-of-the-art wire plant at its site in Szamotuly, Poland. Herkules Wire supplies the directly adjacent spring production plant of Herkules with best quality steel wire and increasingly also offers capacity for external customers.

Product portfolio at a glance

  • High quality steel wire for the production of innersprings and Zig-Zag springs

AGRO Nonwoven

Location: Halberstadt / Germany

Product portfolio at a glance

  • High quality spunbond nonwoven especially focusing on innerspring production

AGRO Tooling Systems

Location: Bad Essen / Germany

AGRO Tooling Systems emerged in 2009 from the department responsible for tool and spare part production at AGRO International.  Today, the company offers its comprehensive range from machining up to mechanical engineering to both the companies within the AGRO Group as well as external customers.

Service portfolio at a glance

  • Machining production of tools and spare parts with the highest precision using state-of-the-art CNC machining centres
  • Engineering and assembly of individual components, assemblies and machines