AGRO Holding GmbH
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AGRO Holding GmbH
Senfdamm 21
49152 Bad Essen

Phone: +49 5472 - 94 200
Fax:      +49 5472 - 15 77


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AGRO Holding GmbH, an international group of companies, led by strong management, is engaged in the inner spring industry and specialises in 3 core areas: beds, upholstery and steel wire.  Its headquarters is in Bad Essen (Germany). Following a restructure in August 2002, AGRO Holding GmbH was created out of AGRO Federkernproduktions GmbH which assumed the activities of the company of A. Grothaus Federeinlagen.

AGRO Holding GmbH designs and steers overall group strategy and formulates innovative/energetic global aims which will ensure continued growth and development of the group.  It provides advice and support to its subsidiaries on finance and controlling and also on reporting and legal matters.